Chocolate Cupcakes

Rich & decadent, the chocolate cupcakes are pure indulgence. Top them with chocolate buttercream and it’ a treat no one can resist 🙂

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Mango Cupcakes #Eggless

Summer is here and so are mangoes 🙂

Mangoes are special – they remind me of my childhood and summer vacations and eating sliced mangoes while making a mess… also eating tonnes of ‘aam-ras‘ (sweetened mango pulp) and ‘amrakhand‘ (strained yoghurt flavoured with mangoes)… no wonder it’s the national fruit of India 🙂

A delicious way to use mangoes would be to make cupcakes! Eat them as is, or serve them with mango flavoured buttercream and you are in a mango heaven!

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Ermine Frosting / Flour Buttercream #Basics

There’s something extra-special about serving hand-decorated cupcakes with beautiful swirls of frosting & sprinkles. Right?

When it comes to frosting, I’ve heard of the usuals – American buttercream, meringue-based buttercream (Swiss, Italian and French), whipped cream, cream cheese frosting. Recently I came across a name ‘Ermine frosting‘ which I hadn’t heard about before. Intrigued, I did a quick internet search and found out that this was the original frosting for red velvet cakes before cream cheese became all rage!! So when I made a fresh batch of my favourite vanilla cupcakes, I decided to try out this recipe instead of the usual American Buttercream I make. And I wasn’t disappointed at all! It’s a super smooth, super creamy, incredibly delicious buttercream with just the right amount of sweet. I had to literally stop licking the beaters 😀

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American Buttercream Frosting #Basics

American Buttercream Frosting is versatile when it comes to cakes and cupcakes decoration. They are easy to make with fewer ingredients and they take on the colour well. They are easily spreadable and also can be easily piped – giving your creativity a free rein! They also store well (about 4 weeks in a refrigerator), so you don’t have to use them all straight away.

You can check my go-to vanilla cupcakes recipe HERE.

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