Vanilla Cupcakes

I finally have my perfect vanilla cupcake recipe! I declared a war between oil and butter and they came with all guns blazing. I had so much fun experimenting to finally arrive at this one perfect recipe which uses both oil & butter (read my blog post on oil v/s butter war here). These are moist, airy, delicious cupcakes, the vanilla flavour gets all the glory here! The recipe makes 12-15 cupcakes.

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Vanilla Cupcakes – Oil v/s Butter War #Basics

dsc_1201-1This post is part of my ‘Science Behind’ series where I experiment and understand what works and why. For my “Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes” recipe, please jump here. For finding out how I arrive on that recipe, keep reading 🙂

In my quest for the perfect vanilla cupcakes, I must have seen gazillion recipes. I’ve used my marble cake recipe to make cupcakes before, and they taste amazing, but I wanted to arrive at that one basic recipe for vanilla cupcakes that can be easily replicated and becomes the base for a multitude of fancy cupcakes.

At the end of my research, the nagging question left behind was – oil or butter? The science geek in me digs deeper!

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Chocochip Vanilla Mini Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

Cupcakes are an obvious favourite. Finished in 2-3 bites, with the sweet colourful buttercream frosting and no hassle of cutting slices – they work best in any celebration.


I use my tried and tested vanilla cake recipes and fill up my mini-muffin tray to get cupcakes. I generally like them with choc chips that are easily available in any store. You also get these pretty paper liners for cupcakes that lifts these cupcakes up.

I am modifying and using my marble cake recipe here with a 12-mini muffin tray.

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